This is my blog.  My outlet. Yes, I spent years learning about child development and emotional resilience.  I even chose a career as a child & adolescent therapist, writing my dissertation on the correlation of one’s interpretation of love in childhood and self- awareness as an adult. Clearly, my own existential crisis began in my early twenties and continues to fuel most of what I do today.  But despite textbook education, nothing could have prepared me for the heart-hammering journey of raising children.  I officially disregard most of what I was taught and share a picture into my soul, now that it’s been beaten down by the tiny beasts that have taken siege of my life.  And although I’d throw myself in front of a bus to protect any one of these little savages, they are still the reason why I live for my coffee and wine every day.  Preferably before 10am. So this shall remain my sacred space, since I’ve lost every inch of my own space at home.  I love them.  We all love our own.  But this shall be the two way mirror into my beautiful chaos.  So take a look – laugh, cry, feel less alone – because we’re all gritting our way through this motherhood thing as best we can and perhaps just getting a glance into one person’s muck & mire will make your own insanity that much more bearable.  Enjoy!