I kept my youngest home from preschool today just because. We rushed through our usual morning grind, dropped her sisters off at their classrooms and then b-lined past her own classroom, heading straight for the front door. Just because. Lately, I’ve been getting this feeling that I won’t have this chance much longer. With a swift return to work coming upon me this fall, after a long several year hiatus, it’s becoming all too clear that these moments are passing fast and time is stealing away my babies. Now, admittedly, by 9:30am I had already been reminded why I had come to so quickly enjoy my kid-free hours. It really took no time at all to slip back into that baseline of angst and whispered profanities. By 3:45pm, I was feeling that washed up, worn out feeling that I had honestly come to forget. But I have to say, tonight, I actually enjoyed that all encompassing, inescapable exhaustion. As it set in, I quickly re-acquainted myself with it and it actually felt good. Like I’d earned it. Now, I’m not going to say that I want to tip toe back into the trying world of day long tantrums and tattle-taling, but for just today, when all is said and done, I liked it. I missed it. I may just do it again. Next month. Maybe…..