I haven’t really written in a while and I can whole heartedly blame it on my kids. It’s true. It’s solely because my precious children have been in that sour sandwich session between school’s end and camp’s start and we’ve been struggling to make it through these unstructured days unscathed. At long last though, we made it through and for the first time in a far too long, I have a moment to think coherently. But just a moment. Because before too long they’ll be ready for the next pick up time, the next activity, the next snack, the next play date. The next grade. The next phase of life. Sigh.

You see, over these past few weeks, I’ve begun to come to terms with how fast this life is really moving. Time keeps passing and I’m powerless to make it pause. If only I could stop this merry-go-round and have a picnic for a spell while the rest of the world stops moving and growing and changing around us. I want to hold on to this moment! Bathe in it for a time. Until it turns cold and I’m ready to get out and move on. But for now, the water is always still warm and just right when the time comes to move on and I’m just so desperate to soak it all in just a little longer.

But we all must keep moving forward – circling round & round on this crazy carousel, watching the world we’ve created change uncontrollably around us and within us.  And we’ll soak it all up until the moment’s gone, leaving nothing but a warm memory of a moment passed.

Life moves oh so fast, so what’s the resolution? Damned if I know! So I’m just going to simmer in each moment this life serves up in hopes that the taste of it all turns out bold & sweet, adding flavor to rest of my days.IMG_0603 (1)