Sometimes we are not all we want be.  Sometimes we are downright ugly. Sometimes we yell at our children. At our spouses. Sometimes we say things we don’t mean. Or worse, mean the ugly things we say. Sometimes we feel bad about ourselves. Sometimes we feel bad about others. Sometimes we just feel. Too. Damn. Much. It happens. Sometimes a morning smile masks a night’s worth of tears. Sometimes life is just hard. The everyday grind is grueling. Although it be beautiful in some poetic sense of the word, sometimes – often times – it’s just plain hard. For everyone. Every. One. Yet, sometimes another’s smile can truly uplift. It’s unfair to ourselves to think that we don’t have this power to truly impact another human being in such a simple way.  Life may be hard, but this one thing is easy. Sometimes you can be a part of someone’s village that you don’t even know you’re in. Sometimes it’s worth it to just give a smile and kind word, for you never know who’s heart needs a little nurturing. And sometimes, your smile, your warmth, can be just enough.