It always seems as though we mothers tend to keep our sisters in arms at arm’s length.  It seems as though we waste so much of our precious energy trying to make our lives look perfectly pretty ALL OF THE TIME.  But what if we didn’t? Gasp!  What if we let each other in? Open the gates from time to time to set our truths free. If we have driven down our different roads of life, then of course we have our dents and scratches. We are all a bit broken inside, yet we are all more beautiful because of it. Why do we see these dings & dents as flaws and weaknesses? It is these very marks that have strengthened our spirits and moved us forward in our journeys. Own your life’s imperfections. They are the treasures from your life’s travels and tell the world that you too have lived and lost, but most importantly, have learned to love yourself along the way.