I’m just a mom. I cringe a little every time I utter these words. Both my head and my heart say that being a mom is monumental. Bringing life into this world. Nurturing small humans in hopes they’ll grow up to be respectable citizens who give back. Seems pretty important, but still. But still! Something buried deep inside of me slaps myself in the heart every time it hears me say “I’m just a mom” because there is nothing just about it.  No one looks down on a working mom.  And nor should they! Balancing all the madness of mothering, while at the same time, showing up at the office, clean and clear-headed for the 9am conference call – Kudos!  But, it does seem like the world looks down on “just moms” – sees us as lacking ambition & drive. Unintelligent. Uneducated about world matters, politics, important stuff. Focused only on the silly little things, like ladies’ lunches and laundry detergent. Yes, it’s hard to see past the food stains on our shirts from tiny dirty hands that hug, or the bags under our eyes from bawling babies who break our spirits in the loneliest hours of morning. But please, see past that. See the unbreakable spirit that’s been buried beneath breastfeeding and booster seats. Look deeply at the hands that hold tomorrow’s hopes. Yes, we are just moms. Finding the energy to bear through another day, another moment of thankless, mindless mothering to get to the other side where maybe, just maybe, the world will see us – REALLY see us – as the makers of people. The molders of minds. The artists that paint the canvas turning blank space into divine beauty. And the creators of spirit. That’s all. Just moms.